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As a gift this year we received a copy of The Rejection Collection and were so taken with it we had to share it. The pages are full of hilarious and tasteless cartoons which the New Yorker rejected. Those familiar with The New Yorker magazine are aware of their outstanding dedication to publishing wonderful cartoons over the years. A rare and valued venue in these days of dying newspapers. And it makes sense that some of them might just be too good for the ever-sensitive general public. Here at Eclectix however, we love to disagree – for we found these cartoons to be some of the best we’ve ever seen. As a matter of fact we might go so far as to re-name this book as The Unseen Best of the New Yorker.

rejection collection pollock cartoon

rejection collection cartoon darbyshire

The book is divided by sections of a particular cartoonist’s works, with a journal-style intro  on each individual artist. These are friendly funny pages of notes, scribbles, background info, self portraits and interview questions. Just these artists’ spotlights alone are full of laughs, not to mention all the incredible different cartoons through out the pages.

rejection collection

rejection collection

Full of tasteless humor, naughty subjects, dark weirdness, cuss words and touchy subjects this book is just one laugh riot after another. We did some searching and found that there are a few volumes of these, which look just as good as this one. And a compiled selection of the worst, titled The Best of the Rejection Collection, (below).

“This collection is yet more proof that bad taste and humor are not strange bedfellows but intimate partners whose down-and-dirty doings often delight us against our better judgment, our scruples, and our politically respectable attitudes,”  - Cartoonist Matthew Diffee, (who has been published more than 200 times in The New Yorker)

The Best of the Rejection Collection

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