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Odd Nerdrum: Crime and Refuge

During our summer travels, browsing in a bookstore – we came across this magnificent new art book- Odd Nerdrum, Crime and Refuge. One of those art books you can’t stop staring at, it is chock full of Odd’s surreal and emotive paintings, plus wondrous detail shots culled from the larger works. Thick black pages caress the imaginative works of this wonderful artist, textures and light are captured and printed with excellence.

Odd has had a troubled life lately – he was imprisoned for tax evasion and a general scandal evolved. It seems many of his paintings began to melt, due to his personal mixture of pigments being faulty. He offered to repaint many of them and did so. Apparently some collectors just wanted their money back (Shame on them!), so Odd set up a fund to cover the costs and this was what the government had an issue with. A sad state of affairs to put such a talented artist through. God forbid an artist take chances with his work – Da Vinci certainly never did. Regardless, Odd’s works stand the test of time with their vision and brilliance – hopefully all this can be put behind him and he can concentrate on his art. One can see where the title of the book came from – real life, such as it is.


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Odd Nerdrum: Crime and Refuge

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This new collection of paintings, carefully selected from the best of his body of work, is devoted to the story of the Refugee, as it has unfolded over time, in 172 brilliantly reproduced paintings, accompanied by 83 details. The book features an exposed binding, so that it can be laid flat for close inspection. Gregory David Roberts, author of the acclaimed novel Shantaram, lends a thoughtful introduction to the book, paying tribute to the enduring themes of Nerdrum’s works.

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“Through his timeless works, Odd Nerdrum commits a sacred treason—refusing to adjust or conform to the expectations of the current art and popular culture. Instead, his devotion is to the creation of work that outlasts these fleeting institutions.”

 – Michelle Hillestad excerpted from the essay, Flesh and Spirit.




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