BookNook: Three Art Books To Gift

Jennybird Alcantara book


Since it is that time of year, we thought we’d share three art books to gift – full of art by artists we really like. Nice big art books are always a hit with the in crowd and local publisher Last Gasp has a huge selection of wonderfully offbeat and contemporary books available. Pop-surrealism, vintage graphics, macabre, photography, humor, erotic, lowbrow and newbrow – it will be easy pickins’ for you to find something special for any arty persona on your list. Not to mention the fact that they are big supporters of the local art scene here in San Francisco.

You can find all of these wonderful books (and much more) here at Last Gasp’s website. 


Creatures of Saintly Disguise

1. Jennybird Alcantara has a new book out, titled Creatures of Saintly Disguise. It comprises a catalog of the art from of her latest body of work, by the same name. Jennybird’s minutely detailed oil paintings are filled with objects that possess un-borrowed symbolism, drawing the viewer deeply into a world both strange and beautiful. To see the individual art pieces click here. This book cannot fail to please any lover of The Bird.  BUY



2. Banksy: You are an Acceptable Level of Threat  You will find, gathered lovingly together, in this book – the single best collection of photography of Banksy’s street work that has ever been assembled for print. If that isn’t enough there are some words too. Much to the chagrin of art schools everywhere, it is likely that Banksy will be the best remembered artist of post-millennial-depression Britain. His capacity to grab attention and deliver a message, often with a punch line or hidden layer of meaning would have landed him a great job in an advertising agency. Madison Avenue’s loss is our gain.  BUY


Hi-Fructose Collected

3. Hi-Fructose Collected 3 Box Set: A thick, 300+ page hardcover book expands the best original material from issues 9-12 of the best-selling magazine; packed with intelligent interviews and exposes on leading pop surrealists, street artists and new contemporary artists from all over the world.  BUY


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