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Alchemy of Beauty, Bob Recine



Looking at Bob Recine’s book ‘Alchemy of Beauty’ it becomes apparent that to label Bob just “a hair artist” would be a travesty. Bob is an artist of many hats – a makeup and hair artist, fashion designer, an installation artist and a sculptor.

Alchemy of Beauty gathers original artwork by Recine, from sketches, collages and paintings to previous editorial images of his extraordinary sculpture and headdresses.



book - Alchemy of Beauty, Bob Recine 

‘Sculpture is the most sophisticated of all art forms’, Rene Ricard writes in the introduction, ‘it is no exaggeration to say, what Bob Recine creates from hair is most definitely a form of sculpture.’

The man behind some of the most avant-garde hairdos and head dresses worn by Lady Gaga, Recine has taken hair styling to incredibly creative heights. He propels the braids and locks of his subjects into gravity-defying contours, augmenting them with sculptural gestures such as clumps of headphones or sunglasses, tendrils of Play-Doh and complex meshes of wire or cellophane.


book- Alchemy of Beauty, Bob Recine

head dress-Alchemy of Beauty, Bob Recine

hair-Bob Recine 


Window Installations

The other aspect of Bob’s art we had to touch on here, are his store window displays. They are incredible installations of fantasy – surreal, textured sets which push the window into an amazing theater art form. The Barney’s holiday windows (below) for Gaga’s Workshop were a wonderful collaboration with Nicola Formichetti and Dennis Freedman. From a whole room fashioned out of hair to a mysterious ice world, they are sumptuous eye candy.

Barneys window-Bob Recine

Barneys window-Bob Recine

installation -Bob Recine



“All the designs for the Chloé anniversary windows (below) at Barneys that I came up with started with the dresses. There’s a dress with a guitar, so we took musical instruments to a whole new level of phantasmagoria. We have literally thousands of instruments, and we wanted to make an overwhelming state of visuality. As you can see, in each window, we took [the dresses] to a new level. All the colors in the shawl and skirt—multitudes of color and geometry—was my inspiration… I view hair as a fabric. I don’t differentiate between the fabric of steel, clothing, or hair. “

window installation -Bob Recine

window display- Bob Recine

LINK: To an inspiring  Vimeo of installations in progress



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