Book Release Party At The Brand New Morbid Anatomy Museum

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The new Morbid Anatomy Museum opens this weekend with a book release party on Saturday, April 26th. For seven years, Morbid Anatomy has seen thousands of visitors, both online and in their 300 square foot library in the Gowanus. The new museum space is a new 4,200 square foot non-profit institution dedicated to the exhibition of artifacts and ideas which fall between the cracks of high and low culture, art and science, beauty and death. Can’t get much cooler than that!


The “Morbid Anatomy Anthology” Book Release Party will be the first event at the new Morbid Anatomy Museum space.

Copies will be available for sale, many of the authors will be on hand to sign them, and there will be Hendrick’s gin cocktails and music, compliments of Friese Undine as well as an Anatomical Venus cake.

Saturday, April 26th, at 8:00 pm

3rd Avenue and 7th Street in Brooklyn, New York

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BookNook:The Morbid Anatomy Anthology

The Morbid Anatomy Anthology by Joanna Ebenstein and Colin Dickey, is a 500 page, lavishly illustrated, hardbound, full color book. (Sample pages featured below…) Included are essays by Evan Michelson (star of Science Channel’s hit show “Oddities“) on the catacombs of Palermo, Simon Chaplin (head of the Wellcome Library) on public displays of corpses in Georgian England, mortician Caitlin Doughty on demonic children, and Paul Koudounaris (author of “Empire of Death“) on a truck stop populated with human skulls. In addition: books bound in human skin, fin de siècle death-themed Parisian cafes, post-mortem photography, eroticized anatomical wax models, taxidermied humans and animals, Santa Muerte, “artist of death” Frederik Ruysch, and much more.


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Artitechture: Morbid Anatomy Museum

The new Morbid Anatomy Museum will feature permanent and temporary exhibitions, a café/bar, a gift shop, an expanded library and more ambitious programming. It will be a beautiful and inspiring space to foster our unique international community of supporters, friends, artists, rogue scholars and like-minded enthusiasts; a place which enshrines that which we hold dear, a place to study, to delight; a place to “meet the others.”


We have been working with awesome architects Robert Kirkbride and Anthony Cohn to design the new Morbid Anatomy Museum, which will feel like a beautifully ornate 19th century Wunderkammer, albeit with modern, industrial accents. With three full floors and a roof garden, the Museum—housed in a former nightclub!–will house over 4,200 square feet of oddities and rational amusements. It will be unlike any museum in the world, and will add a much needed touch of the fun and the odd to New York City’s overly (we believe) serious cultural landscape. - Via MA

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