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Book Nook: Traveling Device

With the prospect of summer travels and voyages looming on our calendars, we thought this new art book from Device GalleryTraveling Device would be a timely inspiration. This is Device’s third publication and it’s all about travel and the fantastical machinery we employ to get away.



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Chock full of amazing art, sculpture and assemblage pieces by talented artists – from winged creatures to re-imagined automobiles and planes. Found objects, organic forms (such as bones and branches), vintage treasures and recycled pieces are re-invented. Transformed into funky cars, steampunkian flying machines, anthropomorphic robots and space age rocket ships. These surreal visions and streamlined beauties transport to urban dystopias and mysterious undersea vistas. If we could time travel it would surely be inside one of these whimsical contraptions…

Artists included: Rik Allen, Greg Brotherton, Gérard Cambon, James Corbett, Kyle, Fokken, Nemo Gould, Dan Jones, Paul Loughridge, Michihiro Matsuoka, Pierre Matter, Monty Monty, Olivier Pauwels, Guillermo Rigattieri, Michael Ulman.



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Traveling Device is available on the gallery’s website and through major retailers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Previous books include Fantastic Contraption and Reconstructed.

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