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British photographer Tim Walker is known for collaborating with teams – makeup artists, painters and builders to construct elaborate sets of fantastic props. He creates outlandish beautiful fashion shots and surreal scenarios with extravagant staging and romantic motifs.

Walker’s ‘Storyteller’ photographic exhibition at Somerset House, London coincided with the publication of his book, Storyteller’ published by Thames and Hudson.

booknook - Eclectix - Tim Walker

Below, an excerpt from an interview at The White Review:

You’re quite a generous photographer – your work involves the viewer as much as it does the model, or even yourself. What role do you think the viewer plays in the production of an image?

That’s really important to me; so important. They’re all dreams: every picture is a fantasy. Not so much the portraiture, but the set pieces definitely are fantasies and I think that the model or the sitter in a picture is the window for the viewer – for any person – to be a part of that fantasy. It’s me asking them, inviting them, to enter into that, whether it’s a dark and sinister mood or a beautiful fairytale. It’s escapism – that’s what it is.Tim Walker

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