The Black Sun Exhibit by Rubenimichi



Currently on exhibition in Spain is a solo show by the artist Rubenimichi titled Sol Negro (Black Sun). His outstanding works are full of surreal and symbolic imagery, elegantly executed with a clean, sharp style. Many of them incorporate elements of occult, heraldry, optical devices and wildlife – sometimes placed with a human figure. These are beautiful works full of thought, juxtapositions and impeccable execution.






Sol Black or Saturn is Rubenimichi’s inspiration for this exhibition. A powerful entity which is more than just a god or a planet, it is a way of understanding the reality of the cosmos. In Western culture, the Black Sun has had a satanic component - portrayed as contrary to the white sun of heavenly peace. In Roman civilizations, Saturn was the god of agriculture and life cycles, the harvest and time – through the change of seasons. He embraces all pagan tradition and represents the relentless passage of time and, therefore, death. Knowing Saturn is like trying to understand our meaning and our end, embracing knowledge, even through the darkness.

Rubenimichi addresses the cosmic language of good and evil, light and darkness – by tracing symbols and mysteries. Playing off the darkness of “Satan” and the light of “God”, that all knowledge is dual, consisting of white and black power. The hexagon cube that appears in the paintings represents the synthesis of these and other interconnections. “Real” knowledge teaches us to decipher the signals, it opens a door to the darkness of the cosmos.

The Black Sun Exhibit – Rubenimichi

On display through March 31, 2015 at La Fresh Gallery in Madrid










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