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Bex Freund has a solo exhibition coming up, for one week only in SF, that is not to be missed.  The Bottled Nova Must Feed Still show opens at Alter Space on March 1st and runs through March 8th. We were floored and facinated by the surreal strength of her paintings – their carnivore vision, disturbing inflections and raw emotive expression.


In this exhibition, Freund showcases a series of oil paintings that explore the visceral sense of at once grinding and pulling apart—both mentally and physically, psychologically and spiritually. Violence within oneself, violence within society—these are the prevailing themes. Society is shown as multiple iterations of big masses of flesh, struggling under its own cancerous weight—sometimes the outcome seems bleak, and at other times it is shown as transformative; a thermodynamic recycling of energy into different forms of mass. The individual is often obliterated as one of many, or shown in the midst of struggling to find a balance within itself or with another. Casting specific judgments or outcomes is not the aim; rather, it is to show the endless inevitability and importance of the struggle itself. The crucible of living, the grindstone of reality—such things consume, and so these paintings strive to exert a similar effect upon the viewer.

bex freund





 Born and raised in Los Angeles, Bex Freund cultivated a love affair with oil painting at the age of seven and has been exhibiting since 2004. In 2007, she moved to the Bay Area to earn her BFA at California College of the Arts. In 2008, Bex worked as a prop/set fabrication intern for the Emmy award-winning series Robot Chicken, learning how to craft tiny worlds alongside Hollywood industry veterans. More recently, Bex has spent the last two years working as a studio assistant for internationally exhibited painter Joshua Hagler in Berkeley.



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