Bernard Pras, A Master of Illusion




The Installation Art of Bernard Pras

 French artist Bernard Pras creates fantastical found-object installations which are also optical illusions. Sometimes called “anamorphic”, the intended final image can only be seen through a particular device or from a particular vantage point. Otherwise, they just look like a huge pile of junk. See his completed Dali (above) and the entire installation, (below.)






The flat paint of a more normal canvas is replaced by objects – he is really illustrating the way our eyes view an object. Bernard carefully plans the whole installation and places the seemingly random objects, selected by color and size. He uses found objects – plastic waste, boxes, bags, furniture, toys, musical instruments, household objects, and pretty much anything that fits the bill.











 For great videos which really illustrate his process – check out his portrait of musician Serge Gainsbourg here and French postman and outsider artist Ferdinand Cheval here.   (Final images below…)


maxresdefault bernardpras1

 - Bernard Pras -


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