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 Exhibit News: Benjamin A. Vierling

We just got wind of  Benjamin A. Vierling’s  current solo exhibition in Seattle and had to share. (Thank you, Phantasmaphile!)

This show is on view from January 17 – Feb. 14th, 2014, in the Steele Gallery, at the Gage Academy of Art, Seattle. A great way to spend some quality time with your Valentine… just seeing in person the incredibly gorgeous sacred heart painting (above), would rock my day!

Titled ‘A Decennary Retrospective’, this exhibit showcases previously un-exhibited works, select paintings on loan from private collections, preliminary drawings, and various illustrations, to provide a unique view of Vierling’s diverse oeuvre from the past 10 years.



joanna newsom



Included in the show is the Portrait of Joanna Newsom (above), which is publicly displayed for the first time. The painting of Newsom was featured on the cover of her critically acclaimed album, Ys. Utilizing painting techniques found in traditional renaissance portraiture, the composition synthesizes mythology, symbolism, and folklore with a uniquely contemporary subject.



My creative process indicates my personal values. I do appreciate subtlety, and believe that many things cannot be sufficiently understood without deep exploration. This requires no small patience, diligence and focus on the part of the querent. The time that I spend in the studio is devotional in much the same way that many people think of the temple or the church. In my experience, Art is simultaneously a meditation and an evocation. My hope is that my images reflect the same depth of intention that went into their creation. - Via ThreeHandsPress




Vierling-Bird with Ring-web




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