Bash Contemporary’s Grand Opening

Bash Contemporary - Eclectix

Dave Correia


Almost as if it were planned, an electrical explosion in a nearby manhole during the grand opening celebration was an apt symbol for the impact that Bash is likely to make on the San Francisco art scene.

Bash Contemporary’s Grand Opening dominates because of the high level of praise we have for every single piece of art selected for their inaugural show. Full of many familiar and favorite Eclectix artists – the selections are surreal, proficient, imaginative works of vision and symbolism. There’s nothing boring or mundane here. It’s one killer vision after another.



Bash Contemporary - Eclectix


This new gallery space, located in San Francisco’s Tenderloin area, is a welcome addition to the San Francisco art scene. Bash is a thoughtfully laid out and well-lit space. The placement and hanging of the individual pieces is obviously executed by a well-seasoned art eye, with just the right amount of space.

The proud owner/curator is Anthony Luzi, a veteran of the Bay Area art scene, who worked for six years at Electric Works gallery. Anthony is a friendly and welcoming host with an enthusiastic persona. His knowledge and passion for his artists and their skills is clear. He sees the Tenderloin as “in transition” and believes it is a “great time to establish a gallery in the neighborhood because I’ll have a footing here when it improves.”


Bash Contemporary - Eclectix

Lee Harvey Roswell, detail


- The noteworthy list of inventive and brilliant artists included in this exhibition are -

Bob Dob, Nathan Ota, Marc Burckhardt, Sandra Yagi, Christopher Ulrich, Dave Correia, Ian Huebert, Lee Harvey Roswell, Joshua Harker and David Stoupakis.

Almost all the artist’s are represented by more than just one work – in what we found to be an unusually well-selected grouping. The photographs included here are just the tip of the iceberg – there are many more to be enjoyed. ( To enjoy them in their full beauty, get on down and see the show! The closing date is July 20th with perhaps a week extension if needed.)

Bravo Anthony!


LINK: Bash Contemporary, 210 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco, CA


Bash Contemporary - Eclectix

Anthony Luzi, opening night of Bash Contemporary

Bob Dob- Bash Contemporary - Eclectix

Bob Dob

Christopher Ulrich- Bash Contemporary - Eclectix

Christopher Ulrich, detail

Sandra Yagi. detail

Sandra Yagi. detail


Nathan Ota - Bash Contemporary - Eclectix

Nathan Ota

Joshua Harker -Bash Contemporary - Eclectix

Joshua Harker

Bash Contemporary - Eclectix

Marc Burckhardt

Bash Contemporary - Eclectix

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