Avery Palmer’s Vintage Shape Shifters

Avery Palmer (27)


Featured Artist: Avery Palmer

Avery Palmer is a true multi media artist – creating ceramics, paintings and drawings of complementary and serious beauty.  His subjects are imbued with an antiquated warm color palette and like vintage shape shifters, they pose in surreal compositions, often in side-show like structures. Wagon pull toys have human heads, cracking eggs imprison full grown beings and people with dunce or fool’s hats peek into and out of worn fantastical vessels.

The one aspect of Avery’s work that sets him apart – is the fact that all three medias are done with equal aplomb – it’s impossible to chose between a painting or a ceramic as a favorite. They are all equally excellent in their presentation and his style carries through each medium, in a beautiful way.


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Avery Palmer (17)

Avery Palmer (25)


My work seeks to explore the nature of humanity and to express the inherent complexity and mystery of our relationships to the world we live in and to each other.  Combining familiar imagery in unfamiliar ways, I invent scenarios that can be thought of as puzzles with no right or wrong solutions—and perhaps no solutions for them are possible at all.  These puzzles are analogous to the changing and perpetually unresolved nature of life itself.





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