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The Cărtureşti Carusel Bookstore or ‘Carousel of Light

The Cărtureşti Carusel Bookstore located in the ancient center of Bucharest, is an elegant and lush new store from Carturesti, Romania’s largest bookshop chain.

This beautiful bookstore is inside a cavernous 19th century bank building in Bucharest’s Old Town. It was “sequestered” by the government during the communist era, and had lain derelict since the fall of Ceaucescu. The building was recovered by the current owner, Jean Chrissoveloni who started an ambitious project of restoration with Square One studio. Many of the gorgeous original vintage details have been preserved and restored, which always makes us happy to hear.






Our idea of restoring focussed somewhere between old and new. Using a contemporary language, we minimised the chromatic elements in order to make room for the play of lights and shadows generated by the central skylight. The sinuous shape of the floors creates a dynamic atmosphere similar to a moving carousel’ –  Via Square One

The 10,760 square foot retail space is situated on six floors and features over 10,000 books, 5,000 albums and DVDs and a top floor bistro. The main floor and basement feature a contemporary art gallery and media space and is also used for cultural events and concerts.



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