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A Fairytale Come True – The Admont Abbey Library

Not Just Architecture, But Artitechture

The Admont Abbey Library in Austria, designed by the architect Joseph Hueber, is the oldest monastic library in the world. While the abbey itself was completed in 1074, the library (late Baroque) was not completed until 1776. At 70 metres long, it is also the largest in the world and features flamboyant ceiling frescoes, wooden sculptures and gold busts.


Admont Abbey Library, Austria



It contains 70,000 volumes of the monastery’s entire holdings of 200,000 volumes. The ceiling consists of seven cupolas, decorated with frescoes by Bartolomeo Altomonte showing the stages of human knowledge up to the high point of Divine Revelation. Light is provided by 48 windows and is reflected by the original color scheme of gold and white. The architecture and design express the ideals of the Enlightenment, with sculptures by Joseph Stammel.






Admont Abbey Library, Austria

Books and bookshelves. Admont Abbey Library, Austria

Austria - Admont Abbey Library



And Some Icing On The Cake…

Last December, Photographer Benjamin Von Wong composed a fabulous “Beauty and the Beast” fashion shoot  in the library, complete with a princess in an ball gown.

“Doing a photoshoot in a library like Stift Admont had been a dream of mine that, for the longest time seemed completely unachievable. Preliminary emails and calls out to similar locations were consistently met with flat out rejections or exorbitant shooting rates. Just when all hope seemed lost, we received a positive reply from Brother Maximillian, welcoming us with open arms to come, create and share the magic of the abbey with the world.”





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