Artitechture: Filip Dujardin’s Fictions

Filip Dujardin

Filip Dujardin creates Impossible optical illusions within fantasy architectural scenarios. He has titled this particular body of his work “Fictions”.  A photographer who works digitally to produce wonderful dreams which defy gravity, the Belgian artist began as a professional architectural photographer. Turning to design, he began creating his virtual buildings using Google SketchUp and Photoshop. Perhaps the main ingredient which makes his work so eye-catching – is the fact that these buildings have enough elements of reality to trick the mind into thinking they might really exist somewhere.

Reading Between the Lines

The artist sets his futuristic forms in desolate towns or fields and often clads their exteriors in weathered industrial materials like concrete or brick. “I want to give them the touch of archaeological monuments,” says Dujardin. “My buildings have a patina and a historic feeling, as if they had been discovered in some city and photographed by architecture lovers.”

He keeps a digital catalogue of building motifs and materials, and for a given photograph may use more than 150 individual fragments. “Adding shadows, that’s the main trick,the building becomes real if the shadows are well done.”

“I think a lot of architects and engineers are a bit jealous of the things I do, because I can work with complete freedom.” - Via Elle Decor Magazine

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