Anne Bachelier On Royal Street


Featured Artist: Anne Bachelier

We discovered Anne’s luscious art at the AFA Gallery while strolling Royal Street in New Orleans. This is a fun street to while away some time, for our previous feature on the Royal Street Galleries, click here.

Anne Bachelier’s palette is full of predominately warm earth tones, saturated oranges and crimson red accents. Projecting spiritual suggestions, her works have fairy tale like scenarios and all-knowing wise women. Dressed in dramatic vintage costumes, their gowns float like magic on winds of change. Portents unfold and fantasies prevail in a dreamy ghost like world. Her narratives draw you in, leading your own imagination to help tell their story.

19_Anne Bachelier

13_Anne Bachelier

Anne-Bachelier07 IMG_6411 IMG_6415

Anne’s Website

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