Anatomical Body Paintings

Anatomy body painting

Anatomical Body Paintings: Johannes Stoetter

Johannes is an Italian painter who uses a real human body as his canvas for a wild variety of subjects. His anatomical series is wonderful – nothing like turning things inside out. It reminds us of those old invisible man models you could build at home with the see-thru plastic skin.

“I did my first bodypainting experiment in 2000. Five years earlier I had the idea to paint a human body but it took me until I was 23 to try it. The experience was so special that I wanted to do it again immediately – I wanted to try it with different colors, a different model and a different motive. “

 He has many other wonderful themes to his body art as well – camouflaged into fruits, elements, animals, rocks and more. Check them out, here.

anatomical body painting

Johannes Stoetter


ALSO: A Human Textbook

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology professor Dr. Claudia Diaz developed an innovative educational approach to engage graduates in their study. Over a period of 18 hours, a student was transformed into a biologically accurate anatomical man (below). A team of five students concealed his entire body in layers of pigment, painstakingly depicting the muscles and tendons, stripped of the skin.

Link to process video

anatomical body painting rmit-anatomical-man-designboom-01


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