Alex Garcia: Roses, Hearts & Eyes, Oh My!

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Featured Artist: Alex Garcia

The roses, hearts and eyes of Alex Garcia are impeccably painted and achingly beautiful, he is a master at all of them and so much more. Here at Eclectix, we have always been fanatical about eyes (you probably noticed…) and Alex’s riveting eyes have consistently set off our eyedar.

A super skilled fine artist and tattooer, Alex works at Dolorosa Tattoo Company in Studio City, CA. We have posted some of Alex’s older paintings before, but felt it was time for a much needed update. Featured here are some of his fine artworks and just as fine, tattoo works. Everything Alex puts his pen, brush or needle to, comes out in a superb finish. His themes go much further; symbols of Day of the Dead, vintage inspirations, classical portraiture and surreal street images – all fall within his prowess.

Alex will be painting and exhibiting in El Velorio, at Plaza De La Raza in downtown Los Angeles. This Saturday Nov. 2nd, for the Day of their Dead commemoration.

El Velorio information here.




Alex Garcia hands


Alex Garcia tattoos





LINK: To Alex’s Store here and a link to his Instagram here.

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