A Spectacular, Dusty and Transitory Place: Burning Man

With Burning Man 2012 having just ended it seems a ripe time to visit some of the fantastic artworks from this yearly event. “EGO” (above) was created by Laura Kimpton and Mike Garlingtonand then burnt to the ground, as is almost everything at BM. It was made out of paper mache, if you can believe it! A very impressive and apt way to portray a word that means so much to too many people – a monumental and astounding piece of work!

Below: A detail from EGO and  a salvaged head from the ashes after burning.

“…  I went out to the Man pavilion and climbed up the stairs to the top balcony and watched all the “horde” streaming up the stairways with grand, immaculate costumery flowing, eyes wide and faces full of smiles. Some of them wore flashing rows of lights and El-Wire and assorted blinking bracelets and necklaces hanging all over them, enough to give you seizures if you didn’t let your eyes wander off into the night sky periodically. I saw the fascination and wonder in their eyes as they crawled all over the Pistil, climbing up and down just like bees, stopping to talk and cross pollinate each other with the idealism, joy and hope they’d brought with them. I saw the people fill in and celebrate each other and themselves, to share and live where no one is trying to sell them anything. I saw artists finish projects against all odds and I saw participants take part in that art. I saw first timers take it all in and say, “This is it. I’ve got it. What are we going to do next year…
And I realized how fortunate I was to have been here while Black Rock City went up and to have felt that shared sense of building the thing, then having that feeling of disdain for the “horde” and finally to have that disdain evaporate upon seeing everyone and realizing why we actually build this most temporary of cities.” 
- From Moze’s fantastic Burning Man Chronicles 

Originally posted Sept. 2012

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