A Graphite Master – Ethan Murrow

Ethan Murrow

Featured Artist: Ethan Murrow

Ethan Murrow is a graphite master creating dramatic large drawings, detailed depictions of the improbable and fantastical. Pushing the boundaries of perspective and reality, his collaborative works seem like surreal optical illusions. His subject matter is strongly rooted in struggle – whether it be human, beast or machine. Full of explorers, aviators, everyday humans, gymnastic skydivers, bizarre still lives, ships and sportsmanlike poses. Touches of off-the-wall juxtapositions narrate his stories of competition, success and failure.


“…the characters in recent narratives have been consistently averse to criticism and assistance. These figures, mostly male, are doomed to failure and prone to dysfunction. … These are cautionary tales, cynical nods to the pitfalls of egotism and obsessive drive. Since I often play the central character in these dramas I intentionally implicate myself in the conflagration that the protagonists create around themselves. I mean to do this with a nod to Charlie Chaplain, who understood that idiocy is inevitable and our own role in it is assured.” - Ethan Murrow

Ethan Murrow








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