giant robot oakland

We visited the preview of the new Super Awesome: Art and Giant Robot exhibition at OMCA in Oakland last night and are pleased to be able to share some photos of the fabulous art and ambiance. Many artists contributed work to this large show comprised of fine art, cartoons to graphic novels, sculpture, murals, large-scale installations, skateboards, collections, robots, lunch boxes, doodles, flyers and much, much more…


Foto Fix: Alma Haser

In her series Cosmic Surgery, UK artist Alma Haser uses origami as integral props and elements in her final imagery. Haser photographs her sitter, then prints multiple images of the subjects’ face and folds them into a complicated origami construction, which is then placed back onto the original face of the portrait. Finally, the whole scene is re-photographed. The fantastic outcome is a surreal modular twist on anatomy with startling and simple beauty.

street anatomy art

Sunday Street Art: Nychos

Nychos has an upcoming solo show here is San Francisco - ‘Street Anatomy’ featuring his fantastical anatomical artworks. It’s nice to be able to feature a great local exhibit and new art for our Sunday Street Art posts!  Austrian street artist, Nychos is recognized world wide for his unique style with distinct anatomical explosions as subject matter.


Interior Design: Atomic Fixtures

When we spotted these cool rocket faucets which time travel back to 1950′s spaceships or airplanes, we had to dig further. Made by Lefroy Brooks, (the ones pictured above and below) – are from their 1950 Belle Aire series. Sweet n’ sleek, atomic powered design.