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The Best Podcasts For Artists, Some Great Background Listening…

Many of you have probably fumbled around in vain for hours (I certainly have), searching for good stuff to listen to while you work. Whether it be while painting your latest masterpiece, updating your website or re-grouting that bathroom tile…

The artist life can be isolating and full of solitude – having something engaging to listen to, can help transport one into a groove and feel less alone. We thought we’d share some of our favorite podcasts with you and save you the fumble.

Edith Waddell - Eclectix


Featured Artist: Edith Waddell

Edith Waddell creates a sweet candyland of metamorphosis and juxtapositions – pretty in pinks, pastels and brilliant ice cream colors. They project an inkblot-like, kaleidoscopic design – involving floral elements, subtle sexual hints, vintage tablecloth motifs and female reproductive anatomy.


Mark Garro, An Eclectix Artist Interview


Mark Garro’s fantastic work is a mystical trip into worlds within worlds, luminous narrative paintings of wonder and beauty. Swirling with mythic symbolism, religious icons and the beauty of our natural environment – they tackle grandiose themes set in a surreal cosmos. His detailed works are large multilayered extravaganzas, overflowing with the push and pull between humanity and its own destruction and the struggles within our individual fragile psyches.


Suzanne Moxhay -Eclectix

Featured Artist: Suzanne Moxhay

The mixed media work of Suzanne Moxhay is surreal, desolate and beautifully strange. She creates digitally altered photographs of empty landscapes using a mixture of her own photographs, painting, and found images. They transport us into wonderfully scenic dioramas with a sense of both past and future, a kind of David Lynchian natural history museum.