Eclectix magazine

Excited to announce that Volume One of Eclectix is now available!  At long last we finally put the finishing touches on this inaugural issue – full of tons of beautiful luscious artworks, selections from previous Eclectix artist interviews, exhibitions and sundry other tidbits…

Gregory Raymond Halili - Eclectix art

The skull shells of Gregory Raymond Halili are just that – gorgeous, luminous, anatomically perfect human skulls carved and painted onto small shells. He uses oil paint on raw, gold-lip and black-lip Philippine mother-of-pearl oyster shells and the natural shape of the mollusks echo and complement perfectly the lines of a skull.

Beth Moon Diamond Nights-Eclectix

FotoFix: Beth Moon

The Diamond Nights of Beth Moon are jewels of star studded skies set against immense, ancient and marvelous trees. These photographs make us believe in magic – so ethereal and full of majestic beauty that they leave the viewer breathless with awe.

 ​Seung-Hwan OH

Foto Fix: Seung-Hwan OH

​Mixing science and art is one of our favorite combinations and apparently it is photographer Seung-Hwan OH’s passion as well. He combines common bacteria and microbes with water and soaks his film, letting the decomposition begin… or rather, as in his case, the final composition begin. After the image is “destroyed” to his satisfaction, which may take months, he finally scans it before it is completely disintegrated. This series he has appropriately titled Impermanence.

Travis Bedel - Eclectix

Travis hails from Phoenix, Arizona and hasn’t had any formal art training yet his collages speak volumes in skill and imagination. His source images come from vintage medical and science books, available in the public domain. With obvious skill at cutting detailed and intricate pieces, his eye for the overall composition and it’s flowing unity is perfection.